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Coach Compliance & Player Registrations

The South East Region wishes to provide an update on a final date for Coach Compliance and Player Registrations for the 2020 season.


There is a large volume of teams across the Region that do not have an accredited coach assigned to them. Any team that does not have an accredited coach assigned to them by Thursday, 10 September 2020 will be not eligible to take the field the following round of matches.

As per the Rules, Regulations and by-laws of Queensland Rugby Football League limited relating to the establishment and administration of players and coaches QRL Rule 4.2.1;

A person appointed by a Club to any coaching position with a team/s in that club must at the time of appointment hold a current minimum NRL Coach Accreditation Certificate for that applicable age/grade.

Where, at the time of appointment, the person appointed does not hold an Accreditation Certificate then they must, prior to being permitted by the club to actively supervise any coaching sessions:

a) Completion of the appropriate accreditation by way of On-line Registration with the NRL for the relevant coaching course;

b) register and pay for the relevant NRL coaching course;

c) successfully complete the On-line modules sent to the person that are applicable to the age/grade to which he or she is being appointed; and

d) attend and successfully participate in a face to face component of the relevant NRL coaching Course.

Please click here for any final opportunities to attend accreditation courses across the Region.


Player registrations across the South East Region (Rugby League Brisbane, Rugby League Gold Coast, and Rugby League Ipswich) shall not be accepted after Thursday, 10 September 2020.

Below is a reminder of the advice circulated to Clubs regarding Pending Clearances on 16 June 2020.

All clearance requests entered post June 1 will only be approved as a ‘portability’ clearance that will expire on October 20.

All new registration requests should be processed prior to the participant engaging in training or competition, noting that the QRL will not be enforcing a June 30 deadline for new registrations in 2020.

Please click here to register.

The Region wishes to thank all Clubs for their continued support during this challenging time.



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