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Sport & Recreation COVID-19 Update

Monday, 24 August 2020 at 6:06pm

The South East Region today provides an update from QLD Sport & Recreation that whilst there are a number of new restrictions on gatherings that have come into effect immediately from Saturday, 22 August at 8am, Community Sport can continue as long as COVID-Safe Plans are in place and adhered to as advised by the Chief Health Officer.

It is vitally important we all stay up to date with any further advice. You can keep up to date on the Queensland Government advice here. Below is an update from QLD Sport & Recreation detailing the situation and provides further information.

It is evident by feedback received that parts of the Field Sport Industry COVID Safe Plan are not being adhered to at venues and putting the safety of attendees and the general public at risk, such as;

  1. Attendees not checking in via the EVA check in app or physical sign in. the EVA check in data does not reflect the amount of people in attendance at venues each weekend;

  2. Social distancing of 1.5 meters is not being adhered to when the attendees are not from the same household; and

  3. Sharing of water bottles and associated protocols.

As this current health alert is an evolving situation in stands to reason that Queensland Health Officials will this weekend ramp up compliance checks. Therefore to avoid action being required to be taken and to ensure our game can continue to be played our venues must adhere to ALL of the requirements in the industry approved plan. Rugby League will only be able to continue if the plans are adhered too.

Some practical suggestions to assist at your venue are;

  1. Have A4 printed QR code posters to take around to attendees to ensure they have signed in;

  2. Increase the entry signage and include multiple QR scanners at entry points;

  3. Increase Public address announcements reminding attendees of the requirements;

  4. Increase duty official numbers(where possible) to assist attendees adhering to the guidelines; and

  5. Communicate reminder of protocols to community prior to each weekend.

EVA Check-In

Please follow the below steps to run a report at anytime for who has checked in at your venue. Spot checks of venues and their attendance tracking will be occurring over the coming months. You may be asked to provide a live or historic attendance record within an hour.

To generate a Live report:

  1. Login to

  2. Click on ‘Reports’

  3. Select ‘Who is here’ to get a live record.

To generate a Historic report:

  1. Login to

  2. Click on ‘Reports’

  3. Select ‘Audit log’

  4. Select your club name for ‘Site’ and the date range needed

  5. Select ‘CSV Export’

Our community has gone to great effort for this season with most of our clubs doing the right things and putting the above into practice will help us keep our community safe and keep our great game going.



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